Spelling Competitions should not be considered as more distractions or interruptions of the school calendar and activities; they are useful tools in the development of the student or participant.

The Power of Spelling Bees…

Spelling Bee is very powerful! It is one competition that has gotten global acceptance and culture within schools, communities and individuals. The potency of the competition or contest can be classified into the following:

  1. Mood Context – Students sometimes DSC_5462have mood swings and easily need a huge form and level of motivation. The Spelling Bee is quite a useful tool to help set moods and also define moods for students. The winning, seriousness, alertness, etc are all forms of various moods that condition the student. So parents, educators and schools must realize this point and also seek to leverage on it.
  2. Atmosphere Context – I believe that learning can be fun. Indeed, learning should and must be fun. The spelling bee as a game, sport or competition can create the right atmosphere; useful for comportment, learning and other positive things.
  3. Academic Context – If ever there was aimages creative way to promote studying, research, reading, literacy, etc it would definitely be through spelling bees. We must remember that tools are used, they are a means to an end most times. Participants and students are required to learn words and study hard in preparation for the Spelling Bee Competition. Furthermore, during the competition, both the audience and speller get to learn about the correct spelling and sometimes the definitions of the words being spelt.
  4. Behavioural Context – Like most competitions, there are rules to obey and follow. The Spelling Bee Teachers and Students to be law abiding and rules conscious. It helps in the development of good behavior through compliance with rules.
  5. Skills Context – Reading is not just an activity but also a skill. The students are equipped with reading skills in preparation of most spelling bee competition.
  6. Esteem & Values Context – Everyone is considered a winner within the competition, however, some students will emerge as winners downloadof the grand prize(s). The temptation to cheat is curbed through the rules but participants are required to cheer each other…win or lose. This is a sign of good values. Their esteem is built and grown with the confidence infused into the participants due to the knowledge gained while studying for the competition. The competition also positions participants to overcome their fears by placing them before a large audience to spell. This eventually increases Self Esteem.
  7. Culture & History Context – The students get exposed to several words, roots/origin, part of speech, etc. This is indirectly a unique way of exposure to several culture and diverse history. Also, it helps to shape their career direction and interest.
  8. Brain & Performance Context – We have been told DSC_5860that what we don’t use goes dormant. In fact, our brains are not fully harnessed by us. Memorization of words, sounds, etc are some characteristics and features of the Spelling Bee. Hence, the brain gets to be utilized, stretched and also harnessed. The eventual outcome of this is better performance


images (1)
We all aim for the best in life. Therefore, trainers, handlers and participants should aim for the best which is to WIN!. One sure way for this to happen is through PRACTICE!

There is a common quote that says “He who fails to practice has practiced to fail.”


You must begin a lifestyle and culture of practice for a great outcome.

When should you practice?

  1. When you are alone
  2. After reading
  3. When you’re excited
  4. When you’re with others
  5. When you don’t feel like


In summary, you are expected to do something about what you’ve read and get your students to begin their journey of practicing.



If your answer is NO, then you must hurry to register to be a part of this competition.

Payment Details: Teammasters Global Standard Limited/1012533092/Zenith Bank

Registration Link:

for further enquiries, please call 08094644634, 08033856800 or you can send an email to

Teammasters National Spelling Bee…..Spelling is Compelling




Once in a while we are faced with the need to reflect on work, projects, business and our pursuit. This reflection is aimed at helping to analyze things, outcomes and results experienced. We also discover the need to set ourselves apart to refresh our minds and gain insights for the journey ahead. Most individuals call this a retreat or time out.

I certainly do believe that Time Out or Retreats are useful tools in setting the direction and pace for the next phase ahead. This could be done frequently as the need arises.




Stepping back presents everyone a great opportunity to see through the blind spots, and also over fatigue created by routine or stagnation. However, the demands of New Pursuit which could be expressed in terms of a new calendar year phase of life or birth of business tends to require clarity, strategy and readiness.


Stepping back is not always a negative stride. It actually helps individuals and organization to rethink and initiate right moves and steps towards their desired results.


Solitude can birth bliss as well inspire fresh ideas and angles to things during retreats.


images (3)

In view of this reality, I would like to invite you to be a part of a two-day Retreat designed specially to benefit you immensely as you position yourself for a brand New Year.

This event is called the EDU-GLADIATORS RETREAT.



Please ensure you initiate the right steps towards a fulfilling Year 2018 by registering for the Education Gladiators Retreat.



DATE: December 20th and 21st, 2017

THEME: Perspectives

FEE: #20,000

ENQUIRIES: 08094644634; 08093856800

It will be a retreat with a difference. Get to explore and engage with participants ready for an experiential journey into a higher dimension with NEW PERSPECTIVE



Thank you.

Rotimi Eyitayo
Copyright 2017


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There is a current challenge in our society and economy that needs to be seriously dealt with…

I stand firm to say that the battle of conformity has been an age long battle. Everyone tries to conform in order to fit in and seem like a member of the crowd, while others who try to seek nonconformity to show their individuality  always attract attention and negative agitation….we mostly tag it “bad” or “wrong”

Furthermore we tend to get so used to doing things one way and never even consider the possibility of achieving better results in a different way.

Many individuals  who have caused change and transformation in the world or made a great impact were non conformists who were not afraid to go against the grain and chose to try other means and options to solve problems and achieve better results….that’s what births innovation and creativity.



Examples of such people are;

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Martin Lurther King Jnr
  3. Walt Disney
  4. Mary Slessor
  5. Mother Theresa
  6. Maria Montessori


A lot of people are still beneficiaries of their innovation and creativity long after they have died. Even the Bible teaches that we should not conform to the world but to constantly renew our minds; this seems to be a difficult advice in our generation where crowd pressures have unconsciously conditioned our minds and feet to move to the rhythmic drumbeat of the status quo.

images (3)

Many voices and forces urge us to choose the path of least resistance, and bid us never to fight for an unpopular cause and never to be found in a pathetic minority of two or three.

In a sector such as Education, the degree of increase in knowledge and benchmarking has the tendency to throw the school industry in disarray. We already find some people frowning at certain issues in the name of “Standards”.

I personally question some of our so called standards;

Why can’t ALL schools shut down to celebrate World Teachers Day?

Why can’t ALL Teachers dress in Ankara Suits and blazers all through the week?

Why can’t we compose some new Nigerian Nursery Rhymes; Mary had a little lamb is no longer news and society has positioned London Bridge not to fall down!

These battles can be endless;

  1. Choice of uniforms
  2. Curriculum
  3. Standard and quality of teaching
  4. Teacher salary
  5. Student Performance
  6. Resumption Time or Closure

And much more!

We want innovation….it can only happen when we begin to act as non-conformists, seeking alternative ways for better results.

In Finland, the functional thing their early year’s children do in school is to play, play and play. Playing has a major effect in the growth and development of a child’s learning space and pace. But in this part of the world, we hinder our own children from playing because we consider it to be “unserious”. In fact, our parents will jointly facilitate the shutting down of the school because it means school fees has been a total waste and the schools are heartless.

As good as standards are, they don’t justify rightness until they have been tested and proven otherwise across all possible dimensions. Objectivity is very important!

images (2)

While the battle for conformity continues, we must understand that it is only contextual and should derive its meaning from the situation on ground.


Conformity will never be a perfect gauge for equilibrium, hence, in our quest for transformation, we must understand that people will eventually conform…but at their own pace.

Observations of emerging trends within schools tend to trigger sensationalism in our reactions. Therefore what should our response be?

We must be reminded that creativity evolves and thrives with culture and as we drive towards growth and development, we as professionals and experts must indeed be careful not to swing in the wrong direction and position. We all must understand that certain key factors must indeed be understood;


Functional Mindset

The transformation we would witness would emerge from educators, professionals and stakeholders with functional mindsets. Our journey would be adventurous once we decided to change our disposition to that of a growth mindset. A growth mindset would challenge the status quo.

Our Common Denominator

As a sector, we need to find our common denominator such as;

  • We want growth and development in our schools and education
  • We want our schools to succeed
  • We want our students to have proper learning
  • We have to train our students in a way that would give them advantage in the open market locally and globally
  • We don’t want our system to be behind but also to stay and be ahead

There are so many common denominators. If we can identify them and agree as one voice, then we can all work towards achieving those common goals. There is no rule as to the “how”. As long as it is legit and sustainable, result is all we want.

Forge ahead with our goals and focus

With our identified goals in focus, we should be working out blueprints on how to achieve them. Our fear of not being left behind should be our driving force to stay ahead by creating practical and creative ways to achieving the results we want.

Private schools should not be doing the same thing we have always known them for. Let’s do things differently!


We should proceed to judge things through objectivity and not just conformity. What we should find instructive before we consider or tag anything as bad or wrong, must be to first to consider the essence behind such and test it.   There’s a difference between being an advocate and being an agitator; we should ask the right questions at all times.

Conformity has its place and can be a useful tool. It can also hinder and limit us based on reality on ground as well as our approach.

images (1)

In fact we must realize that it is conformity that has led us to the point we currently find ourselves. However, transformation can happen gradually and at a different pace for different people.

It is in our hands to make the transformation that we want in Nigeria’s Education Sector!

“Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.”                – Christopher Morley




Our craving for titles and being regarded in terms of positions when it comes to achievements is something that we don’t take for granted. Our up bring and nurturing has equally contributed to the reinforcement of going ahead of others to attain the position and feeling that comes with being NUMBER ONE.

So what does it mean to be Number One?


This question can only be answered correctly if we treat being number one from different perspectives;

Perspective #1: Being Number One from Definition and Description

An individual, organization, product, etc is referred to as Number One when dominance, prominence and preference is achieved ahead of others within the same space or benchmark. It could also mean to attain the reference of being the first to start or create something.

Perspective #2: Being Number One from Feelings and Fulfillment

imagesThis is more of an inner state of being and resolve to see the best as only option which becomes a driving force to emerge the best.

This dimension is quite a critical dimension because most individuals, organizations and teams are first Number One from the place of belief before translating it on the outside.

I would recommend that as individuals or organizations, we should watch our focus while on the journey to attaining market leadership with reference to positions. We ought to focus on the “being” much more that he “doing”.

I know this is definitely a bit of departure from the norm as practical by many. We tend to consider jumping out ahead believing that we have limited time to be positional Number One.

Yes, I certainly agree that we don’t have all the time in the world but we all are Number One in disguise. The position is good but the state of “being” is better.



Everything that is good and also posses value would always cost something. Being Number One would cost you three (3) major things…

  1. ASSOCIATION: You will need to gravitate towards the direction of individuals or associations that can nurse, inspire, stir and challenge the greatness inside you. Association comes with a price however, the benefits outweigh the cost. It would also cost you to disassociate with some individuals or groups.
  2. PRACTICE: Being the best would equally cost you practice; ability to repeat certain actions towards better understanding and mastery of the exact thing. Practice involves the indivudal’s attention and strength.
  3. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Training is quite different from practice. Being the best would require you seeking knowledge, getting informed and being equipped towards development in the line and direction of being the best.



Nothing would give so much pleasure to realize the impact, influence, income that follows individuals, organizations, projects, groups, etc who truly are the best.

Furthermore, it is better to know that you give your all towards being the best than not trying. We all must remember at the end of life, time and chance that we would either be regretting being the best or reflecting and rejoicing on being the best.



Thank You.





Hello Everyone!

The entire Board, Management and Team Members of the Teammasters National Spelling Bee wishes you all a Happy New Year. We do hope that this new academic session will be a successful and fruitful one!

The holidays are usually a look forward to moment for everyone – school management, teachers, students and pupils, likewise parents due to the family funtime, spare time to rest as well as make plans for the new session…some people wish it could extend a little longer, don’t you?

Anyways, we are back to school now and like it or not…holidays are OVER!!! So get yourselves (body, mind and spirit) together and set the gear in motion for a fantastic session.

Right here on this side of the world is an ongoing full steam preparation towards the 8th Edition of the Teammasters National Spelling Bee.

We are excited to finally announce the dates of the 8th edition spelling bee!!! We hope you are as excited as we are. Below is the competition calendar:

COORDINATOR’S BRIEFING (LAGOS ONLY) Coordinators would be briefed on the modalities of the competition. All Centres January 18, 2017



(Elimination Stage)

This is the first stage of the competition where all registered spellers compete. Elimination is done till qualifiers for the Zonals emerge.
Surulere District January 24 & 25, 2017
Ikeja District January 26 & 27, 2017
Berger District January 27 & 28, 2017
Festac District January 31 & February 1, 2017
Badagry District
Lekki District February 2 & 3, 2017
Ajah District





Students compete and get eliminated till the state finalists.

Uyo February 6, 2017
CROSS RIVER STATE FINALS Calabar February 7, 2017
RIVERS STATE DISTRICT & STATE FINALS Port – Harcourt February 8 – 11, 2017
BAYELSA STATE FINALS Yenogoa February 10, 2017
OGUN STATE FINALS Abeokuta February 13, 2017
ONDO STATE FINALS Akure February 14, 2017
OSUN STATE FINALS Osogbo February 15, 2017
KWARA STATE FINALS Ilorin February 16, 2017

Qualifiers from the district level compete here. Elimination is done until state qualifiers emerge ·   Island Centre & Mainland Centre February 17, 2017
February 18, 2017
DELTA STATE FINALS Students compete for championship Warri February 20, 2017
ENUGU STATE FINALS Students compete for championship Enugu February 21, 2017
EDO STATE FINALS Students compete for championship Benin February 22, 2017




Students compete at this stage until state finalists emerge ·   Pry Category February 24, 2017
·  Sec Category



February 25, 2017


February 27 & 28, 2017



This is the grand finale where top winners across participating states compete for championships. This is a closing ceremony for the edition where winners are awarded prizes and special awards. ·   Pry Category March 10, 2017
·   Sec Category March 11, 2017

We hope to announce the Hosting Schools and Venues very soon.

More updates on the competition would be coming your way as time goes. Some of which would include:

  • Unveiling & Profiling of the Pronouncer(s) of the Edition
  • Announcement of Hosting Schools
  • Announcement of available products
  • Unveiling of Participating Schools

Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries or assistance.

We look forward to an exciting edition…



Spelling is Compelling…

Rotimi Eyitayo
Spelling Bee Director




The academic session can be quite demanding for School Heads. This sometimes might lead to physical exhaustion as well as emotional and mental fatigue. The holiday period should be used to help rejuvenate the entire system and the mind while creating the time for a retreat.

This getaway doesn’t have to be a regular planned holiday but it might as well be a carved out time devoted to thinking things through.

A fresh start beginning with a retreat set apart to design the future and new session in order to avoid complete burn out.

The TeamMasters Summer Retreat for School Heads with Rotimi Eyitayo presents such an opportunity for all existing school heads, school leaders as well as individuals being groomed for school leadership.

At this retreat, participants would get to develop strategies for their individual businesses and academic institutions, development and insight through the different sessions.


TeamMasters believes in…

View original post 42 more words


Hello Spelling Bee Contestants!

This is to inform you of the timelines and updates of the TeamMasters Spelling Bee Competition (7th Edition).

The competition dates have now been adjusted to accommodate the current situation of fuel scarcity and difference in school resumption dates. We want to ensure stability especially in the fuel crisis so that participants and schools can have easy logistics plans and movement to the venues of the competition.

However, we wish to also inform participants and schools that this will be the final adjustment of the competition dates and excuses will no longer be permitted.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in communication as well as the inconveniences this may have caused. The competition dates have now been moved to May 2016. Competition Calendar is shown below.

Venues will be communicated accordingly once confirmation has been made on the change in dates. This would be done before the end of the month (April).

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Together, we can make the edition successful, fun and memorable for everyone.

For more enquiries, kindly call 08094644634 or send an email to

Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding.7TH EDITION CALENDAR

Thankful Thursday – Appreciating Edidot Schools


The Management and Staff of TeamMasters would like to express  profound gratitude to Edidot Schools for the support towards the TeamMasters Spelling Bee Competition.

TeamMasters have been able to build a strong relationship with Edidot Schools for over 3 years and still counting. Edidot schools have been very supportive all the way on all of our projects and we would like to use this medium to say Thank You!

We commend greatly the significant contributions of the school towards raising future leaders.


Edidot 1EDIDOT 2

Edidot Schools take up the responsibility to ensure they are not just bringing up a well-rounded child, but also respectful and God fearing leaders of tomorrow.

It is a school that sees to all aspects of grooming with lots of love, guidance and direction for the students to be successful. Edidot aims to make each student excel and succeed in all he/she does through hard work.

Their Mission Statement is to “Deliver professionally and with God’s help, a combined American, British and Nigerian education that will enable a child to function in the international world.”


Motto: Excellence Always, Where your Child Will Succeed!

What we stand for:

  • Outstanding Academic Record
  • High Moral and Discipline Standards
  • Personalized attention
  • Modern and Excellent facilities
  • Safe and friendly environment
  • Small sized classrooms (18 students)
  • Experienced and Caring Staff members

Their style of teaching is based on research and years of experience in the art of knowledge transfer. Their teaching faculty has over 230years of combined teaching experience, placing emphasis on improving analytical and critical thinking skills amongst the children.


Edidot Schools also engage their students in out-of-class learning experiences within and outside the country. The School has both Primary and secondary categories with boarding facilities. It is owned by Rev. (Dr.) Mrs. Edith A. Okubanjo (Proprietress & CEO, Board of Governors).

Please visit If you would like to know more about Edidot Schools.






Finally, registration to participate in the 7th Edition of the TeamMasters Spelling Bee Competition has come to a close and the spellers from all participating schools are ready for the national contest!

The mock competition conducted was really an eye opener for all spellers as their mistakes were clearly identified and corrected. Common mistakes identified were;

  • Irregular use of the Life Lines
  • Not repeating the word after spelling
  • Not speaking clearly into the microphone

Spellers alongside coordinators and parents who attended were sure able to take note of all these and could use them to better prepare for the main competitions.

The District, which is the first stage of the competition kicked off in Lagos State starting from March 1st to March 12th. About seven (7) District Competitions took place within Lagos States, the last one scheduled to hold in 15th of April 2016.

The competition was a huge success in all the districts. Subsequently, other participating states will have their District finals commencing from April 13, 2016.

We say a Big Congratulations to the district finalists!

We hope preparations are underway at your end for the Zonal stage of the competition.


1Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance, and we have just what you need to help you prepare adequately. The book ‘Mastering Spelling Bee,’ is a guide that ensures excellent performance at the spelling bee competition. The book is a special guide that is essential for any spelling bee contestant, coach, parents and teachers

It reveals;

  • Common mistakes spellers make during the competition
  • Life Lines available and how to make the best use of them
  • Teaching methods and techniques parents, coordinators and spelling bee tutors can adopt
  • Practical methods to surviving tough rounds
  • The keys to winning any spelling bee contest!

 “Mastering Spelling Bee is an effective tool to help equip and empower students to excel in the spelling bee and any other competition”  …Rotimi Eyitayo Author “Mastering Spelling Bee”; Project Director, TeamMasters Spelling Bee)

Beyond just learning hundreds of words, it is very important for every speller to master the skill of spelling and competitions. So hurry and pick up copies for your spellers so they can read up and practice during the holidays!

Copies of the book are available at our corporate office – 2nd floor. 51, Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos.


host schools

YES! We cannot but express our profound gratitude and appreciation to all our host schools at the mock and district competitions.

  1. Eritoy Schools, Ajah, Lagos State
  2. Queensland Academy, Okota, Lagos State
  3. Edidot Schools, Awoyaya, Lagos State
  4. Riverbank Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos State
  5. Caleb International College, Magodo, Lagos State
  6. Karmel Group of Schools, Ifako, Lagos State
  7. Christ the King International Schools, Gbagada, Lagos State
  8. Celia International School, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  9. Emmanuel International School, Jos, Plateau State
  10. RCCG Temple of God Parish, Lekki, Lagos State

Thank you for your support!

We also welcome more schools who may be interested in hosting other stages of the competition within their states. Please feel free to contact us.

Follow us on our social media platforms for updates as the competition progresses

Do have a great and fulfilled week!


Rotimi Eyitayo
Project Director (TeamMasters Spelling Bee)

Twitter: @spellingbeeng
Instagram: Teammastersspellingbee
YouTube: TeamMasters Spelling Bee